The Scattering - front cover2In The Scattering, the author:

  • speaks from his own experience as a parish pastor, and what he learned while fostering renewal in congregations from several different denominations;
  • tells stories of the desire pastors have to equip their members for ministry in the world, but how institutional priorities and expectations block that;
  • describes the church’s resistance to the ministry of all God’s people as an autoimmune disorder: we keep killing off that which should bring us life and vitality;
  • recounts the surprising awareness that members have about being called to be God’s people at work in the world, and their inability to apply that call to their daily activities;
  • explores the gap between clergy and laity, and proposes alternative language to describe our various roles that transcends clergy/lay differences;
  • presents compelling biblical and theological evidence for the ministry of all God’s people;
  • suggests a way of looking at the church—as gathered and scattered—which leads to a way of looking at our ministries as what we do when we gather and when we scatter;
  • provides practical suggestions that will enable congregational leaders to create an environment in which the saints will equip one another for ministry;
  • makes possible a new way of leading that promises congregational leaders (pastors, staff members, and lay leaders) new meaning, vitality, purpose, and even joy in their ministries.

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