This book is principally for people who are or will be leaders in local congregations:The Scattering - front cover2

  • those who are financially compensated for their leadership;
  • those who are training for paid or unpaid roles in the church;
  • those who are elected or appointed to leadership roles; and
  • volunteers serving as informal leaders in small groups or other relational roles.

Even if you are not a leader in your congregation, if you are searching for a way to renew and revitalize both your faith and the faith journey of your congregation, you may find hope and purpose in these pages.

Even though the author is a Lutheran pastor, and he is most familiar with Lutheran viewpoints and theology, and he’s most familiar with leadership from the pastor’s point of view, the book is accessible to readers from many denominations, with varying degrees of theological education, and different ministry credentials. The stories and resources included are from people from a wide variety of mainline denominations, which means the findings are applicable across denominational lines.

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