If you have read The Scattering and you’d like to introduce the concepts in the book to members or leaders of your congregation, this 3-part study guide is just what you’re looking for!

The study is built around three 4-minute videos by the author. A study guide will give you, the leader, everything you need to lead the discussion. There is a different  handout to follow each of the three videos. You will find the links for all of these items below.

This study is perfect for use in a three-week adult forum, or at three council, board, or vestry meetings. They can be tailored to be short (15 minutes at a board meeting) or hour-long forum conversations. Participants don’t need to read the book ahead of time, but the leader should. (A longer, in-depth study guide is available here for those who have read or are reading the book.)

Clicking on the guide, the handouts, and the videos will open them in a new browser tab. You can right-click on the guide and the handouts to download the files to your computer so that they can be printed.

Leader’s study guide.

Video #1 – Introduction to the concept/series

                First session handout

Video #2 – Going deeper

                Second session handout

Video #3 – Practical implementation

                Third session handout


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