The various appendices referenced in The Scattering are available here.

The Equipping Pastors project (which came early in the journey that led to the book) are provided below. Note: both the report and study guide were written and released prior to the later discoveries described in The Scattering (most notably how different the pastors’ perceptions were from those of the members).

Equipping Pastors Report

Equipping Pastors study guide

The list of verses in the New Testament that describe the various roles in the early church can be downloaded here.

Chapter 8 refers to several experiments in applying the gathered–scattered dynamic to congregational life. They are available here:

  • A sample of the “checking in” exercise designed to help people make the connection between Sunday worship and daily life can be downloaded here. I handed these out at the beginning of worship, gave people a few minutes to reflect and make notes, then I asked them to share one connection they made with someone sitting nearby. If you’re interested, you can also download the responses I received when we evaluated the experiment in this file.
  • The full report on the conversations with pastors in regard to seeing stewardship and evangelism through scattered church lenses can be downloaded here.
  • The annual report submitted by Pastor Mike Hirschberger can be downloaded here.
  • The Time and Talent sheet developed by Pastor Ginger Anderson-Larson can be downloaded here.

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